Service Calendar

Recycle Clarksville will not be offering pick up service on the following dates. 

January 1-2

Good Friday

July 4th

Thanksgiving Day and the day after (Thursday and Friday)

December 24th-26th

We only do make up days for December  24th-26th.

To compensate for the large amounts of recyclables generated in the Christmas season we will be running alternative make up days. Below is the regular pick up day followed by its alternative make-up day to the right. For example, if your normal pick-up day is Tuesday December 24th, your alternative make-up day will be Friday December 27th.

Regular Pick-Up Day                      Make Up Pick-Up Day

Tuesday December 24th                                Friday December 27th

Wednesday December 25th                         Saturday December 28th

Thursday December 26th                             Monday December 30th