From the beginning, Recycle Clarksville was a locally owned and operated business. Tim Catchim, the company’s original owner, started the company in 2008. His idea to start Recycle Clarksville was born out of the pressing need to offer a convenient and affordable curbside pick up service for the city.

Jerome Chestnut, the current owner, assumed ownership of the company in late 2013. The owner’s wife, Stacey Chestnut, led the company’s effort to expand it’s service area and materials collection list. Her decisions directly resulted in more clients, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profitability. 

As many in the industry can attest to, recycling is not a high-profit business. Jerome and Stacey led the company in the face of a slim-profit margin in hopes that others continue to see the economical and environmental value in recycling. 

Early 2018 brought additional challenges as China changed their import policies, therefore affecting recycling commodity prices here in America. As of February 2018, prices for recycling commodities are some of the lowest we’ve seen since 2013. 

We continue to recycle, because it’s the right thing to do.